Fruits with a high Brix reading have a pleasing sweetness we all love.

Degrees Brix is a measure of the sugar content in your food. This means then, that can also be used as a direct measure of the flavor of your food. This measure is becoming more important when it comes to organic farming. Because organic farming is everything that processed food is not, using a measure of the sugar in your organic food gives a measure of its quality.

Brix Levels in Fruits

Brix in Fruit

Brix varies directly with plant quality. A sour grape will have Brix of 8 or less. A delicious grape will measure 24 or better.

Brix can also be a measure of a plants ability to resistant the plants are to pests.

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Brix Levels in Vegetables

Brix in Vegetables

The higher the Brix, the better quality the soil.

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